56,160 SF Office and Medical Device Manufacturing Facility in Pearland, TX

Project NameSquare FeetYear of CompletionBuilding TypeProject Type
1Total Safety40,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
2HHR-Tacoma20,000Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
3HHR-Hwy 28815,000Pre-2005Metal / BrickBuild to Suit
4ATS27,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
5PMI48,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
6Lum Office/Warehouse10,000Pre-2005BrickDesign / Build
7VIP49,050Pre-2005Metal / BrickDesign / Build
8N.E.C.37,750Pre-2005Metal / BrickDesign / Build
9New Haven20,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
10Ford Flooring26,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
11LTS14,000Pre-2005Metal / BrickDesign / Build
12Storage Equip25,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
13CDC Spec 1 - Cherokey Piping20,000Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
14Cmi Moulding30,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
15Dover Equipment/West Houston Valve20,000Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
16Cameron Willis36,000Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
17Upti/Cameron II18,000Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
18Teamsters 988 - 1 Story Office16,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
19Teamsters 968 - 1 Story Office13,500Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
20Swaby22,500Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
21Stren16,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
22Mohr Engineering30,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
23CEP40,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
24Maxbar10,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
25CDC Spec 2 - Wave Electronics27,600Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
26Deepwater Corrosion16,875Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
27Milwee Business Park30,000Pre-2005Metal / BrickDesign / Build
28Structural Preservation30,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
29Swiff Train80,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
30Brite Lites25,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
31Gulf Coast Windows25,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
32CDC Spec 3 - W.W.Grainger27,500Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
33Dresser Industries73,500Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
34PMC32,100Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
35CDC Spec 4 - Kobelco Cranes22,500Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
36Mrs. Bairds Northwest42,057Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
37Satake53,546Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
38Battleground Dist Ctr I - Delta Chemical104,000Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
39Factory Builders50,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
40RMI - 1 Story Office18,000Pre-2005BrickDesign / Build
41Southern Ice Cream20,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
42Stress Engineering Addition17,500Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
43CDC Spec 5 - Palmer22,500Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
44CDC Spec 6 - Hatec22,500Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
45CDC Spec 7 - International Paint, Inc.22,500Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
46CDC Spec 8 - Multi-Tenant33,550Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
47American Grocers44,800Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
48DSC26,800Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
49Test, Inc.22,800Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
50Hertz Equipment Rental Inc.26,500Pre-2005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
51VIP - Harwin Dr.46,200Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
52Daniel Industries181,794Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
53Putterman-Scharck25,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
54Battleground Dist Ctr II - Laufen Tile200,000Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
55Mrs. Bairds East38,410Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
56American Hi-Tech12,500Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
57CDC Spec 9 - Royal Windows22,500Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
58Vantage Beltway 8, Phase III77,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
59Vantage Hobby69,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
60Midwest Tile10,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
61Nomadic Display55,000Pre-2005Tilt WallDesign / Build
62-66Cunningham Business Park - 5 Bldgs.75,000Pre-2004Metal / BrickSpeculative
67CDC Spec 10 - Hydratight22,500Pre-2005Tilt WallSpeculative
68Alltemp20,0002005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
69Poly One130,0002005Tilt WallBuild to Suit
70Circuit Breaker10,0002005Tilt WallDesign / Build
71Zeenat30,0002005Tilt WallDesign / Build
72CDC Spec 12 - Hardide17,0002005Tilt WallSpeculative
73CDC Spec 13 - Cameron Petreco18,0002005Tilt WallSpeculative
74Chantal Cookware70,0002005Tilt WallDesign / Build
75CDC Spec 17 - Particle Drilling48,7502005Tilt WallSpeculative
76Pods52,8702005Tilt WallDesign / Build
77H.L. Tech60,0002005Tilt WallDesign / Build
78Jackson Wire63,2212005Tilt WallDesign / Build
79CDC Spec 11 - Flowserve70,0002005Tilt WallSpeculative
80-81Hwy 288 Business Center Phase I129,2002005Tilt WallSpeculative
82Seamar Divers20,0002005Tilt WallDesign / Build
83Dupar100,5852005Tilt WallDesign / Build
84Underwood Distribution Center I900,0002006Tilt WallSpeculative
85Packwell I423,0002006Tilt WallBuild to Suit
86-87Thomas Road B.P. Phase I - II Bldgs.32,0002006Metal / BrickSpeculative
88CDC Spec 15225,0002006Tilt WallSpeculative
8920/20 Exhibits Addition64,0002006Tilt WallDesign / Build
90Crawford Electric81,0002006Tilt WallDesign / Build
91Swiff Train Addition32,2402006Tilt WallDesign / Build
92Neway Valve40,0002006Tilt WallDesign / Build
93Wood Group9,7652006Tilt WallBuild to Suit
94Frank Mohn33,6002006Tilt WallDesign / Build
95CDC Spec 14 - Phillips Steel42,0002006Tilt WallSpeculative
96Cedar Crossing129,5682006Tilt WallDesign / Build
97Preferred Freezer167,0002006Tilt WallDesign / Build
98Stress Office - 2 Story Office40,8942007Tilt WallDesign / Build
99Southpro20,0202007Tilt WallDesign / Build
100Test Addition7,2002007Tilt WallBuild to Suit
101Print Mailers Addition65,2502007Tilt WallDesign / Build
102Matera Paper65,0002007Tilt WallDesign / Build
103CDC Spec 16 - Hammerly Distribution Center140,0002007Tilt WallSpeculative
104Thomas Road Business Park Phase Ii15,0002007Metal / BrickSpeculative
105G & H Addition30,0002007Tilt WallDesign / Build
106CDC Spec 18 - Endress & Hauser29,5002007Tilt WallSpeculative
107-113Clara Road Business Park - 7 Bldgs.190,5002007MetalSpeculative
114Underwood Distribution Center II710,0002007Tilt WallBuild to Suit
115PGS Onshore42,0002007Tilt WallBuild to Suit
116Midway Importing45,0002007Tilt WallDesign / Build
117-118288 Business Center Phase II150,6002007Tilt WallSpeculative
119Multi-Shot75,0002007Tilt WallBuild to Suit
120Drillmec29,5002007Tilt WallDesign / Build
121CDC Spec 19 - Nevis31,5002007Tilt WallSpeculative
122Englobal - 2 Story Office52,5182008Tilt WallBuild to Suit
123Rollswood Group42,0002008Tilt WallBuild to Suit
124CRC Evans49,9002008Tilt WallBuild to Suit
125Harrison Hydrogen37,2002008Tilt WallDesign / Build
126Thomas Rd. Bldg. 6 - Jetstream42,0002008Metal / BrickBuild to Suit
127Professional Directional35,0002008Tilt WallBuild to Suit
128Packwell Ii202,5002008Tilt WallDesign / Build
129John Crane Power30,0002008Tilt WallBuild to Suit
130Mustang Office - 2 Story Office88,0002008Brick/GlassBuild to Suit
131Kemper Valve30,0002009Tilt WallDesign / Build
132Adams Valve21,0002009Tilt WallDesign / Build
133Cameron II Expansion9,0002009Tilt WallBuild to Suit
134Code Red15,0002009Tilt WallBuild to Suit
135Saybolt/Core Labs44,2002009Tilt WallDesign / Build
136Abrasive Products15,0002009Tilt WallDesign / Build
137Houston Pilots17,2002009Tilt WallDesign / Build
138FMA Alliance - 1 Story Office31,5002009Tilt WallBuild to Suit
139Neela92,0002010Tilt WallDesign / Build
140Waste Management13,4002010MetalDesign / Build
141Tyco12,5002010Tilt WallDesign / Build
142Precision Drilling74,1252010Tilt WallBuild to Suit
143Woodgrain182,0002010Tilt WallDesign / Build
144Cummins67,5002010Tilt WallDesign / Build
145Hydraquip42,6002010Tilt WallDesign / Build
146Frontier300,0002010Tilt WallBuild to Suit
147Alliance Supply47,7452011Tilt WallDesign / Build
148Enerflow101,2502011Tilt WallDesign / Build
149Precision Flame123,7502011Tilt WallDesign / Build
150CDC Spec 27 - Universal Plant Services40,0002011Tilt WallSpeculative
151CDC Spec 28 - Thyssen Krupp80,0002011Tilt WallSpeculative
152CDC Spec 30 - Kennedy Greens BP40,0002011Tilt WallSpeculative
153Express Energy Services17,2002011Tilt WallBuild to Suit
154Laudadio22,5002011MetalBuild to Suit
155Clara Road Spec 2 - Ideal Steel15,0002011MetalSpeculative
156Stafford I13,5002011Tilt WallSpeculative
157Gaffney Kroese110,0002011Tilt WallDesign / Build
158Siemens160,0002011Tilt WallBuild to Suit
159Corrosion Materials30,0002011Tilt WallBuild to Suit
160Archer Well Service111,9342011Tilt WallBuild to Suit
161Poly Spec71,1002011Tilt WallDesign / Build
162Stonegate 1 - Apex22,5002011MetalSpeculative
163Stafford II - New Fluid /Lone Star Blending15,0002012Tilt WallSpeculative
1643 P Products20,0002012Tilt WallBuild to Suit
165Deerwood Spec 1 - Alltech20,0002012Tilt WallSpeculative
166Express Energy Expansion6,0002012Tilt WallBuild to Suit
167-169Weatherford Bldg. A, B & D373,1382012Tilt WallDesign / Build
170Halliburton148,7502012Tilt WallDesign / Build
171Specialty Piping Materials15,0002012Tilt WallBuild to Suit
172Clover70,0002012Tilt WallBuild to Suit
173Lockwood70,0002012Tilt WallBuild to Suit
174Boots & Coots33,0002012Tilt WallBuild to Suit
175Stonegate 2 - Agr20,0002012MetalDesign / Build
176Nolan Power15,0002013Tilt WallDesign / Build
177Sernec BP - Bldg. 125,0002013Tilt WallDesign / Build
178Kennedy Greens Spec 220,0002013Tilt WallSpeculative
179Composite One40,0002013Tilt WallDesign / Build
180Stafford 3 - Arnco15,0002013Tilt WallSpeculative
181Lifting Gear Hire50,0002013Tilt WallDesign / Build
182Cutten Spec 121,0002013Tilt WallSpeculative
183Phoenix Tech115,7102013Tilt WallBuild to Suit
184Ferguson Airport113,0002013Tilt WallDesign / Build
185CDC Spec 34 - Bohler31,5002013Tilt WallSpeculative
186Stafford 4 - HD Supply15,0002013Tilt WallSpeculative
187Stafford Spec 5 - Tri Tool15,0002013Tilt WallSpeculative
188Deerwood Spec 220,0002013Tilt WallSpeculative
189CRC Expansion11,6002013Tilt WallBuild to Suit
190Professional Directional II105,0002013Tilt WallBuild to Suit
191Zimmerman & Jansen120,7502013Tilt WallBuild to Suit
192Olympian Machine14,0002013MetalDesign / Build
193Filtration Technology Corp62,5002013Tilt WallDesign / Build
194Strake Jesuit Field House & Playing Field4,1402013BrickDesign / Build
195Jackrabbit Steel02013Metal / Tilt WallDesign / Build
196Sernec BP - Bldg. 225,0002013Tilt WallDesign / Build
197Ferguson Bender15,6252013MetalDesign / Build
198-200Flexitallic - 3 Bldgs.02014Tilt WallBuild to Suit
201Deerwood Office II - 2 Story Office78,0002014Tilt WallSpeculative
202Deerwood Spec 3 - Hastik Baymont15,0002014Tilt WallBuild to Suit
203Truaire150,0002014Tilt WallBuild to Suit
204Stonegate Spec #220,0002014Tilt WallSpeculative
205Deerwood Spec 4 - Power Feed Thru15,0002014Tilt WallBuild to Suit
206Houston Badminton22,6802014Tilt WallDesign / Build
207CDC Spec 3531,5002014Tilt WallSpeculative
208Cutten Spec #221,0002014Tilt WallSpeculative
209Century Air39,0002014Tilt WallDesign / Build
210Cutten Flex48,0002014Tilt WallSpeculative
211Hatfield42,0002014Tilt WallDesign / Build
212Energy Commerce A87,0002014Tilt WallSpeculative
213Energy Commerce B195,0002014Tilt WallSpeculative
214288 Building E71,7502014Tilt WallSpeculative
215Stafford Spec #715,0002014Tilt WallSpeculative
216Stafford Spec #622,5002015Tilt WallSpeculative
217MEI - Windsor Rigging80,0002015Tilt WallBuild to Suit
218Polk Mechanical21,0002015Tilt WallDesign / Build
219Deerwood Office III102,0002015Tilt WallBuild to Suit
220Ensinger61,8002015Tilt WallDesign / Build
221Hannibal39,9502015Tilt WallDesign / Build
222Adams Valve Expansion17,5932015Tilt WallDesign / Build
223Houston Distributing Expansion Phase I2015RemodelRemodel
224Ferguson Brookshire7,5002015Tilt WallDesign / Build
225Stonegate Spec #320,0002015MetalSpeculative
226Ferguson League City24,0002015Tilt WallDesign / Build
227Cutten Spec #321,0002015Tilt WallSpeculative
228Hart Lumber - Remodel2015RemodelRemodel
229Cedar Port Distribution I500,0002015Tilt WallSpeculative
230Houston Distributing Expansion Phase Ii2016RemodelRemodel
231Cedar Port Distribution II501,0202016Tilt WallBuild to Suit
232Lichtgitter59,2002016Tilt WallDesign / Build
233Ohmstede17,5002016Tilt WallBuild to Suit
234Douglas Pads35,0002016Tilt WallDesign / Build
235K.C. Salley60,0002016Tilt WallDesign / Build
236ND4C20,0002016Tilt WallDesign / Build
237Montrose17,5002016Tilt WallBuild to Suit
238Cutten Ditribution Center293,2802017Tilt WallSpeculative
239Energy Commerce "C" 101,4002017Tilt WallSpeculative
240Energy Commerce "D"232,9602017Tilt WallSpeculative
241Lonestar Nut & Candy12,0002017Tilt WallDesign / Build
242Pv Fluid Products129,5702017Tilt WallDesign / Build
244Olin (Freeport)223,7802017Tilt WallDesign / Build
245Enore Wellhead31,9502017Tilt WallDesign / Build
246J. Simmons15,0002017Tilt WallDesign / Build
247Energy Commerce "E"54,0802018Tilt WallSpeculative
248Angleton Spec15,0002018MetalSpeculative
249BPI100,8502018Tilt WallDesign / Build
250Deerwood Spec 520,0002018Tilt WallSpeculative
251Deerwood Spec 6 - Laborde18,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
252Hydac25,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
253Maverick Testing44,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
254North Post Oak #116,0002018Tilt WallSpeculative
255AMVT20,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
256Clara Spec #420,0002018MetalSpeculative
257Clara Spec #1130,0002018MetalSpeculative
258Export 22051,3002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
259Kennedy Spec 320,0002018Tilt WallSpeculative
260Mustang CAT15,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
261Cap Barbell301,5802018Tilt WallDesign / Build
262Texas Install (Kennedy Spec 4)20,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
263Apollo85,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
264Raja Foods65,0002018Tilt WallDesign / Build
265Stafford Ii Building I40,0002018Tilt WallSpeculative
266Stafford Ii Building Ii38,5002018Tilt WallSpeculative
267Port 146 "A"143,0002019Tilt WallSpeculative
268Pederson West Distribution205,2002019Tilt WallSpeculative
269Sheldon Distribution214,0002019Tilt WallSpeculative
270Stonegate Spec #420,0002019MetalSpeculative
271Kennedy Greens South Distribution524,0002019Tilt WallSpeculative
272North Post Oak Building B16,0002019BrickSpeculative
273Able Industrial40,4002019Tilt WallDesign / Build
274Cedar Port Distribution IV341,1002019Tilt WallSpeculative
275FW Murphy86,4002019Tilt WallDesign / Build
276Deerwood Spec #720,0002019Tilt WallSpeculative
277Lichtgitter - Phase II48,0002019Tilt WallDesign / Build
278Buffalo Seal47,0002020Tilt WallDesign / Build
279Twinwood Distribution I737,6302020Tilt WallSpeculative
280Woodgrain II81,5852020Tilt WallDesign / Build
281Home Depot20,0002020Tilt WallDesign / Build
282Reynolds & Reynolds90,0002020Tilt WallDesign / Build
283Port 146 "B"47,0002020Tilt WallSpeculative
284Kennedy Distribution II280,6212022Tilt WallSpeculative
285Crane Worldwide445,1202022Tilt WallDesign / Build
286Cedar Port Distribution V405,0002022Tilt WallSpeculative
287Twinwood Distribution II546,0002023Tilt WallSpeculative
288Millar56,0002023Tilt WallDesign / Build
289Hastik-Baymont Expansion6,9752023Tilt WallBuild-to-Suit
290Lichtgitter Expansion II28,0002023Tilt WallBuild-to-Suit
291Main Central Distribution523,6402023Tilt WallSpeculative
292Composites One Expansion22,8002023Tilt WallDesign / Build
293St. Francis De Sales Pavillion28,0002023MetalDesign / Build
294Highlife Distribution103,1002024Tilt WallSpeculative
295Kennedy Distribution III110,2502024Tilt WallSpeculative
296Twinwood Distribution III768,0402024Tilt WallSpeculative
Total21,782,534 SFSince 1998